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Amethyst Uruguay Geode

Amethyst Uruguay Geode

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「Amethyst Uruguay Geode」

Amethyst cluster is a special member of the crystal family. It grows together in groups and is formed by many natural amethyst drills. exist!

·Amethyst cluster breathes out on its own to remove bad energy. Placing crystal accessories in the amethyst cluster can make the crystal replenish energy, increase spirituality and demagnetize. Remove the crystal charm and put it back on the next day.

·It can also be used as a goldfish stone in a goldfish tank to purify water.

·Increase intelligence to stabilize mood and sleep well. Putting amethyst clusters on the desks or bedsides of students can develop intelligence and relieve fatigue.

·For those who sit in the office every day for work, an amethyst cluster on the desk is the best. For students who are still in school, placing amethyst clusters on the desk or bedside can develop intelligence and relieve fatigue. Amethyst clusters are placed in every corner of the home to form a natural protective aura for the home, which not only wards off evil spirits and ensures peace, but also helps to smooth the airflow and wealth. Putting an amethyst cluster in the financial position of the company or home can not only ward off evil spirits and block evil in the house, but also attract wealth and treasures to develop in all directions. If the amethyst cluster is placed in the couple's bedroom, it can enhance the feelings between husband and wife and make family life harmonious.

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