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Black Hair Crystal|To get sick and block evil

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International (S925) Sterling Silver Plated 18K Rose Gold or White Gold.

• Lightweight and easy to wear.

• Not easy to fade and oxidize, keep for a long time.

Use natural gemstones.


• Silver Titanium

It can prevent supernatural interference and prevent black magic. It can be used as amulets and lucky charms. It has strong righteousness and has a strong effect of warding off evil spirits.

• Black Crystal

It can help to expel sickness and turbid air from the body, which is of great help to the body and personal luck. Witchcraft, black magic, etc. can also give people leadership.

• Moon Stone

It can help calm irritability, enhance female attractiveness, reduce friction between husband and wife, strengthen personal sixth sense and develop spirituality, fight depression, treat insomnia, and also have beauty and weight loss effects.

* Gem Guide


• Size of natural stone: 7.5mm

• Refer to the bracelet size guide chart and customize the perfect size for you.

• It is recommended that this jewelry be worn on the right hand

* Bracelet Size

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