Free shipping on orders over $500 in Hong Kong and Macau

Shipping policy

General information

General goods will be agreed after the order is confirmed47Shipped within business days.

No delivery service is provided on Sundays and public holidays.

All orders will come with a beautiful packaging box.


Hong Kong domestic delivery service

Free delivery service within Hong Kong.

All orders will generally be confirmed after the order is confirmed4-7Shipped within business days.

We provide express delivery service for urgent orders, after the order is confirmed12Sent within business days. You can choose from the delivery service option on the checkout page.


Worldwide shipping

We currently use mainstream courier companies to provide global delivery services, the prices are as follows:



China, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand


Other countries


International orders outside Hong Kong may affect the delivery time due to external factors.

In order to ensure that the goods are kept in good condition during delivery, allThe One JewelleryThe products are packed properly according to strict standards.

The One JewelleryIt is not responsible for delivery service issues. If the goods are damaged, lost or delayed during delivery, the customer should directly contact the assigned courier service company.