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General information

(ⅰ) referred to as "this website" or "website") byThe One Jewellery Company(Hereinafter referred to as "we" or "The One Jewellery") Provide and operate.

(ⅱ) When you use this website, you will be bound by the website terms mentioned below (hereinafter referred to as "site terms", "terms of service" or "terms"), including additional terms here and websites notified through other pages or links Code.

(ⅲ) Regardless of whether you register an account on this website, you will be fully bound by the terms and conditions. At the same time, you have agreed to accept the terms of our privacy policy, which explains our required authorization for the storage and use of your personal data.

(ⅳ) The products you purchase from us through this website (hereinafter referred to as "products") will be bound by our sales terms.

(ⅴ) Please read these terms and privacy policy carefully before using the website. If you purchase products through this website, all transactions will be subject to the terms of sale.

(ⅵ) We can make changes to all terms at any time, and it will take effect immediately after publishing. Please check the terms regularly for any changes. If you continue to use this website, we will assume that you have fully accepted the recently updated website terms.


. The One Jewellery

(ⅰ) The One Jewellery Company.It is a company registered in Hong Kong. Our registered address is at Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong55Kailian Industrial CenterAseat14floor. You can also send an email toinfo@theonejewellery.storeOr call (+8522770 9994contact us.


Register Account

(ⅰ) If you need to register an account or purchase products on the website, you will need to provide some basic personal information.

(ⅱ) When registering an account, you need to provide all true and accurate personal information, and update these information when necessary to ensure its validity. We will use this information to contact you.


Need to know when using the website

(ⅰ) This website is for your non-commercial use only. We can modify, log off or deny visitors to this website at any time.

(ⅱ) After you set your account name and password, or provide any other information as part of the website's security settings, all relevant information must be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third party.


Protection of intellectual property

(ⅰ) All content on this website, including but not limited to all text, software (including source code), trademarks, designs, images, photos, or any other forms of display materials (hereinafter referred to as "website content") areThe One Jewellery Create or upload with third-party permission. Therefore, the copyright and intellectual property rights of all website content belong to us or our licensors. If the website content is not clearly stated in the terms, we also reserve the ownership and licensing rights.

(ⅱ) Unless otherwise stated in the website terms, the use of any website content without our written permission is strictly prohibited. Under certain conditions, you can extract part of the website content. You can print a copy for non-commercial personal use:

(ⅱ) ¹ Without our formal written permission, you may not modify, reprint, publish, transmit, display, copy, create derivative works, sell or otherwise use the content of the website;

(ⅱ) ² All pictures must be used together with related text;

(ⅱ) ³ If you want to use any website content indicated in the copyright and trademark declaration, you must declare that the source of the content is this website

(ⅱ) ⁴ You and anyone who receives materials related to the content of the website must clearly understand and accept these terms.

(ⅲ) Without our formal written permission, you may not systematically extract or use any part of the website content. In particular, no data collection and extraction tools may be used to obtain (regardless of the number of times) any important part of the website content and reuse it for any purpose.

(ⅳ) Once found that you have violated any of the terms described here, we will have the right to terminate your use of this website immediately without prior notice or any compensation.


Website usage guarantee

(ⅰ) We do not guarantee that this website is compatible with any hardware or software you use.

(ⅱ) We do not guarantee that this website will be error-free.

(ⅲ) This website provides services on a "status basis" basis, and does not make any other use guarantees, including but not limited to hidden guarantee clauses for sales, hidden guarantee clauses applicable to specific purposes, and all that cannot be excluded, restricted or restricted under Hong Kong law The modified website is guaranteed.


Liability clause

(ⅰ) All content on this website is only used for the publication of general and related interest content. We will not bear any responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions or other issues in the content of the website. This includes but is not limited to any delay or interruption of data transmission and other possible factors, and we will not compensate for any loss caused by this. Please note that due to screen display and photography, your expectations for certain products may not match the actual product. All details will be based on the content description and actual product of the Chinese webpage. Any claim based on this will not be accepted. .

(ⅱ) We will not be responsible for any loss of business, finance, economy or any aspect caused by a third party, and we will not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses (such as damage to reputation or loss of any opportunity) caused by any foreseeable or unforeseen reasons. )Be responsible for. The description here also includes losses caused by negligence or other reasons when you use the website.

(ⅲ) We will not bear any related responsibilities such as network virus intrusion. It is recommended that you use corresponding protective measures before downloading materials on this website.

(ⅳ) We will not bear any responsibility in the following situations:

(ⅳ) ¹ Any fraud;

(ⅳ) ² Death or any injury caused by negligence;

(ⅳ) ³ Any illegal behavior.


Cancel member account

(ⅰ) We will cancel the relevant member account after receiving your unregistered membership email.

(ⅱ) Once found that you violate any of the terms of use of this website, we will immediately cancel the relevant member account without prior notice.



(ⅰ) When you register a member account, you must ensure that all information provided is accurate, current and complete.

(ⅱ) We will follow the information you provided when registering a member account (if there are any changes, you must update the relevant information immediately) and send our latest information to the designated email address. Accepting these terms means that we authorize us to contact you via email.

(ⅲ) In accordance with the terms of the privacy policy, we will not disclose the personal information you provide to any third party. At the same time, you must authorize us to use the relevant information reasonably under the terms.


External website connection

(ⅰ) This website may contain information from other websites, and we are not responsible for any content outside of this website. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy.


Other terms of use

(ⅰ) When implementing the terms, we will not be affected by any errors or delays. If there are any problems, we will refer to relevant laws or other provisions to find solutions. There are no individual circumstances that will change the understanding of the terms, let alone make any changes to the terms, which will affect the criteria for exercising the terms after the period.

(ⅱ) We are not responsible for any behavior that exceeds the reasonable scope or violates the terms of the website.

(ⅲ) If any clause proves to be invalid or unenforceable in law, this clause will be deleted and other clauses will not be affected by the relevant changes.

(ⅳ) The terms of this website (including any documents that have been expressly mentioned, such as sales terms and privacy policies) have clearly and completely set out any rights and responsibilities between you and us and other related agreements.

(ⅴ) The terms of this website are bound by Hong Kong laws and are used as the largest basis for interpretation of the terms. You must agree to our approach and accept the indirect restriction of Hong Kong law.